“I’m always excited to work alongside Sass!”

She's fun, organised, efficient, knows her stuff and can predict what needs to be done before I say it. She's also one of those rare warm gems that's you WANT to have around. She spends time getting to know her clients and each shoot I've worked on with her is so personalised and tailored to the client's brand and their needs. I recommend her for both established businesses and newbies to give your business that branding boost it needs! 

Nicola Lemmon / Photographer

“A knack for enhancing social engagement.”

With attention to detail, a genuine care of people and a curious, results driven nature, Sass knows all about social media and content needs for small business. She has a genuine passion for connecting people and a real knack for enhancing social engagement which in-turn converts to growth and sales.

— Kate Histon | Elevate Dynamics & Byron Dance Dynamics

“A business brain with a unique creative flair”

"Every time I wrap a job with Sass, I'm instantly looking for another excuse to work together. Sass balances a business brain with a unique creative flair, working her multifaceted skill set to art direct, manage, advise, coordinate and hustle any situation toward success. A warm personality and ripper sense of humour, Sass is a total game changer."

Anwyn Howarth / Photographer

“Truly a talented individual”

“I just wanted to say thank you for the great job you did with the website! You truely are a talented individual and it would seem to me this is your life's work.

Thanks again!”

— Mark Lubbock / Hendrix the Maker